Квартиры в таун хаусах IDEAL

Двухуровневая квартира с гостиной и двумя спальнями 78 м² в предчистовой отделки
 18 000 000 ₸

2-х уровневая квартира в таун хаусе

  • Экологически чистый район
  • Вид на Заилийский Алатау
  • Удобное местоположение
  • Отдельная входная группа
  • Энергосберегающие и негорючие строй материалы
Таун хаусы

ТОО «Index Group» en

Mobile phones are our business

Too "barnyard" offers a wide selection of mobile phones, computer accessories, consumables and much more! The geography of our Partners and Suppliers covers the world's major centers for the production of mobile phones — including European producers, Russia, Southeast Asia, Japan and America.

Our company sees its mission not only in the narrow sectoral understanding in meeting the needs of society in high-quality business accessories and necessary goods for school and office. In broad terms, our mission is the creation of sustainable, multilateral business models customer service to a qualitatively new level is characterized by responsibility, reliability and high level of service!

Mobile phones are part of our life

Today, in the age of technology, when computers have entered into all spheres of human life and activity, and consumption of information has increased significantly. Undoubtedly, the documents and processing information is now portrayed most often in electronic form, but the person whose actions are not limited to typing on a keyboard, and is now widely uses mobile phones. Office supplies nowadays, more and more popular. Mobile phones must always be help in the processing and transmission of information. Documentation is becoming more and more so mobile phones should be in any office in sufficient volume to avoid downtime and loss of time,



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